Most cats are unplanned acquisitions, leading to a perception of a devalued pet compared to dogs. However, there are significant benefits to cat guardianship.

Good Intentions

Over 50% of cat owners unintentionally acquire their cats, with up to 70% not paying for them. This casual nature of adoption often results in a lack of planning, education and investment in proper care for the new long-term responsibility. New cat owners start with good intentions, but statistics show that despite 83% visiting the vet in the first year, over half never return. This could be due to a lack of awareness regarding the importance of regular maintenance check-ups or reluctance to spend on a bargain-acquired pet.

Pet ownership is a luxury, not a right. If unable to afford proper care, a person should reconsider having a pet in order to prevent possible neglect and suffering later. The average cost of owning a cat over a 15-year lifespan is estimated to be $25,000, excluding emergency care.

Unfortunately, we do see willful neglect by owners. Willful neglect is the conscious choice of ignoring a bad situation. Occasionally groomers will start to groom an already bad situation only to uncover something much, much worst. Neglecting a cat’s well-being and living conditions can lead to dire consequences. Regular grooming helps control shedding, hairballs, and uncovers suspicious changes for prompt veterinarian attention. Attempts at educating and professional advice are unfortunately often met with suspicion, resulting in repeated cycle of grooming emergencies.

Thriving Healthy Relationships

The importance of interaction, play, love, and grooming in cat ownership cannot be overstated. Interaction with your cat promotes a thriving, healthy relationship and prevents obesity, depression, and various ailments. In return, cats contribute to our health and well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, and the risk of stroke or heart disease. They also boost immunity, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and enhance sociability.

Despite cats being mostly unplanned additions to our households, they hold significant value. They provide companionship, love, entertainment, and numerous health benefits. The benefit of cats give us far exceed any possible monetary value.

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