A big “thank you!” to all our visitors who have supported us by taking time from their busy lives to leave client reviews!

“I am grateful for this information (about shave-downs) and so glad to be a client with a company that actually cares for what they do above and beyond paying the bills, especially for the responsible and caring treatment that you provide!! Thank you for educating us re: lion cuts etc. Our 2 long hairs will try trims from now on and will come in more regularly for baths. I have bathed my previous cats, but they had a different kind of coat and didn’t have the same matting issues. They never seem stressed after a visit with you and usually come home quite proud of their clean and fresh appearance!” – Jane K.

“absolutely love this place…” – Erica A

“You ladies do a fantastic job. Will definitely be back with my boy” – Sarah J S

“What a find!!! I was searching for a groomer for my precious little Ragdoll. I wanted a place where he would not be stressed having to share space with dogs around, which is generally what you get. I was so pleased to have found the Cat’s Pajamas. The location is very convenient, the price was reasonable for the service provided. I especially liked the owner’s attention to detail. I have a very happy kitty for Christmas. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting to pamper their feline(s)” – P.R.

“Salem’s first visit was HUGE success and she isn’t cut up like my last groomer did to her! Ashe has her first bath and is apparently a water baby as it calmed her nervousness down like a switch turned on we were told! She had a bath and ear / eye clean, a lion cut, her nails trimmed and pretty red and green kitty caps put on for her new Xmas look! They even put a pretty Christmas bow on her head! We are thrilled with how our lil one was treated and how calm she was upon collection. Thank you so much, we WILL be back!!” – Hope H.

“I want to thank Cat’s Pajamas for their amazing knowledge and dedication. After a month of going back and forth on the subject of whether or not to groom my cats, I decided to take a look online at any “cat only” grooming studios in the Ottawa area. I happened to come across Cat’s Pajamas and boy am I ever glad I did. After reading the testimonials, I felt that this was the right place for my feline babies. She took the time to suggest what she thought would be the best solution for my cats as they were extremely staticky and were developing mats between their legs. She took such good care of them, and I was able to observe and ask questions. This was their first ever grooming so of course I was a little nervous, but she worked her magic and they came out looking puuuuuuuurfect. I cannot emphasize how much knowledge and experience she has. I will always trust her with my cats. This is definitely a woman who is passionate about what she does. It was an absolute pleasure and Cat’s Pajamas will ABSOLUTELY be seeing me again. Maurice and Gaston say thank you ❤ – Rebecca W.

​”Absolutely wonderful first time experience for my big fella Oliver! Excellent & friendly service!  Thank you so much! See you again in 3 months!!” – Peggy W.

“The essence of purrfect! Professional, clean, educated, compassionate and amazing. I will continue to bring my lovely feline friend here, and would suggest others to do so as well! My Kikki cat is always so content when we pick her up, a product of the environment. Thanks so much!
(On a side note, if you’re reading through the reviews (on Facebook) and see the 1-3 stars, don’t be fooled. These people: A) didn’t write a reason for their low review and B) haven’t even visited the salon or been a client.)” – Skylar M

“Very friendly and helped me understand what was going to be done from start to finish. I was nervous as it was Meelo’s first visit but I’ll definitely be bringing him back!” – Sumaira H.

“Thank you for your obvious expertise! I will never have to deal with the pet store groomers again! So glad that we found you. Rusty loves her new red toes!” – Jeni LB

“I’ve been bringing my cats here for years, and they always come back looking stunning. Unlike other places I’ve tried, they’ve never gotten hurt, or come back to me seeming distressed. I’ll never go anywhere else!” – Angela M.

“My Foreman usually gives us a hard time for grooming and bathing. With Janet, he is an angel. They are so fantastic at what they do and I would recommend them to anyone! Foreman loves to visit Cat’s Pajamas” – Alisha A.

“Leila always comes out relaxed and smelling/looking great!! Very professional with my fur baby’s best interest at heart.” – Nadia W.

“Amazing service and worth the drive from Cumberland. Seven is anxious and difficult, and they are amazing with him. Will do the pajama cut next time. Thank you!!!!” Meg S.

“Excellent experience today with Janet! Our cat has never been so soft and beautiful- and Happy!!” – Reagan F.

“I have brought my Himalayan to Janet twice now and each time it’s shocking how great he looks, and smells! Who knew a cat could smell so nice?! They pay such close attention to detail and make sure your cat is well taken care of and comes back to you a new cat! If you have a fluffy cat, I can’t recommend taking it here enough. It’s hard to find a cat groomer, and having one in Barrhaven that’s so nice, what a treat! – Meaghan B.

“Great experience , very knowledgeable! My cat is usually very shy but was incredibly happy after her grooming and came home with an adorable little bow ! Would recommend to anyone” – Chayse C

“One word to describe Cat Pajamas and Janet. Amazing! I brought my two girls to get the lion cut and bath, and they came out looking and smelling incredible. My youngest Coco is usually scared of strangers, and was hiding at the back of her cage when I dropped her off. But when I picked her up after she was done, she was happy and meowing while looking out the front. Also, usually when I bring her home after the vet, she goes and hide for an hour. Not the case after seeing Janet, she was all happy with her tail up in the air. I would definitely recommend Cat Pajamas and I am looking forward to the next visit. ” – Stephane P.

“I had my orange tabby (Charlie) groomed here today. It was our first time and definitely will not be our last! Upon pick up I learned that charlie had several matts on his back, and as heartbreaking as it was, I left more knowledgeable and confident on how to prevent them from home. Charlie slept and purred all the way home” – Cynthia B.

“Online booking was a breeze. Confirmation was sent by text and email which was very nice to see. My cat Bella went in for a lion cut and came out looking amazing! The space was very clean and the owner paid ALOT of attention to detail. Great customer service too. Will definitely be going there from now on.” – TD

“Great service, and they made excellent recommendations for our furball. We have already booked the next appointment.” – David G.

“Amazing place. They are wonderful. 100% satisfied.” -Veronica P.

“Amazing service! My kitty was super happy when she got home which really surprised me! Clearly Janet has a great method to keep the cats calm and did an amazing job of washing and de-shedding my long haired cat. Carside service is available too which is great for those who don’t want to climb to their second floor studio with an anxious cat in a carrier. She even put a pretty bow on my cat which is absolutely adorable :)​” – Vanessa S.

“They are super nice and the spa is awesome! They have a giant window so I can watch my kitty get pampered!” – Teenasha B.

“Super happy with this service! My cat looks much better after her bath and wasn’t scared or hiding when she got home. She was clearly comfortable with the service and is such a happy little girl now! I previously used another grooming service, but wasn’t happy with the work or how stressful it was for my cat. We are absolutely returning to Cat’s Pajamas.
This was certainly a far better experience than out previous attempts with other grooming services in town. Honestly, after what we’ve tried prior to this, I don’t know why we didn’t go here first. Night and day!” – Erica  & Charles P.

“Thank you Cat’s PJ for looking after “Lili”. As a slightly “larger”cat, she has a hard time looking after herself, and after many not-so-great attempts at cleaning her at home in the bathtub, we decided to look for a professional. A quick search online lead me here to read all the great reviews, so we gave it a try. The fact that you are close to home is a bonus, as the car ride is her least favourite part.
We are sure glad we did. “Lil” comes home looking like a new cat every time. They are friendly and clearly care about each and every cat that comes through the door. You can tell that by reading the posts on this page.
Thank you for continually looking after our cat! Everybody reading this…don’t hesitate to take your cat here…you’ll be glad you did!”  – Chris E.

“We have two cats, Sophie and Henry, and Sophie is a very fluffy long haired shedding kitty. She loves to be brushed and doesn’t mind a bath but we’ve been struggling more and more with her shedding, and her fur at her bum had gotten too long for her to properly groom after using the litter. We researched professional cat grooming and decided to make the investment. We are incredibly happy to have found Cat’s Pajamas. Sophie absolutely loved her first grooming experience. She wasn’t scared to come home afterwards, she was very relaxed, and we felt very comfortable. She feels much lighter, softer, and looks adorable with her pink bow! We got her bum area clipped so we shall see how it goes but I think she’ll appreciate it. We will definitely be bringing Henry for his turn in the near future. My new dining chairs will be thankful too as he’s claimed one and his fur is everywhere! “- Katja S.

“Cat’s Pajamas was wonderful with our very senior cat Crystal. Crystal was a tangled Persian mess when I dropped her off and when I picked her up she was a happy, shampooed, tangle free cat. Her confidence has improved and she is full of purrs and cuddles now. Thank you Cat’s PJ “- Megan P.

“We gave our Skittles a spa day yesterday and she looks great! So friendly and professional. Out of curiosity we watched almost the whole time and it was obvious Skittles felt comfortable and at ease.
I definitely recommend this and look forward to visiting again.” – Michael  Q.​

“I took our 10 year old timid Himalayan today and she looks and smells great. Usually I would take her to a groomer who specializes in dogs, and she typically hid for hours later once we got home. Not this time!

I will take Molly to Cat’s Pajamas from now on!” – Judy A.

​”You did a fantastic job
! He is is more active and much more cuddly. He is beautiful. He has not had one hairball since. Max and I are very happy and we will come back to see you..Just loved it. And he smelled so good for about a week afterwards. Actually, he still smells good!”  – Jackie R

“Cat’s Pajamas are so sweet and gentle with our little girl. They are very reassuring. Grooming is beautiful. Love it and so does our cat!” – Kristina L.

“We recently took our long haired cat to be groomed. We were very concerned he wouldn’t behave but with their magic touch he was an angel!!!! And now he looks great, smells great and hopefully leaves a lot less hair around our home. Thanks Cat’s Pajamas for your help when we didn’t know what else we could do for our fur baby. Highly recommend her to anyone!”  UPDATE: “We are happy to report, no more hairballs!”  -Stacey H.

“I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service on Tuesday. Pippin and Midna both appeared very comfortable visiting your shop. This is a key attribute for a shop, as I’ve mentioned past experiences leave them clinging to me for dear life when we leave. The cut was very well done and your studio was very clean and well kept. You have won my future business and I will be recommending you to friends.” – Chris D. 

“We would only trust our baby to the best and Cat’s Pajamas is the best!! Caring, patient and knowledgeable!” – Melanie G

“Great with our cat Yoshi! He is very timid and they are very patient with him! Extremely informative and the new location is a bonus! ” -Aaron L.

“You did such a great job.  You are a true professional who loves her work and because of that Max was so comfortable he purred. Now that’s a happy cat and a happy cat owner.” – J. R.

“They groom my cat Ira and he always comes back clean, fluffy and amazingly soft! Best Cat Groomer in the City!!! Thank you!” – Laura B.

“Took my new cat in for his first spa day, he looks and smells great! The studio is beautiful, bright, and clean. Very happy with the service and high quality handling of our fur baby. Thank you, we’ll see you again!” – S.B.

​”I took our cat to be groomed. He is 6 years old and has never been groomed. All my fears were put to rest and they took excellent care of MP. He looks fantastic! Cat’s Pajamas is an amazing facility. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!” – Melissa K

“They do a great job with my beautiful cat Molly. Molly is usually a jumpy and anxious kitty but after a session with Janet, she’s mellowed out, smells awesome, and is super soft. Totally worth the drive from Orleans and will continue to come here for sure :)” – Melissa S.

“A huge shout-out to Janet, owner of the Cat’s Pajamas Feline Grooming Studio who donated her time and talent today to two of our foster kittens….both were treated to a “morning-at-the-spa” where weeks of matted formula and food was safely removed, dirty butts and feet washed, nails were trimmed, and ears washed out! and all in a stress-free manner! Janet recently moved from east of Ottawa to Barrhaven to some lovely brand new facilities! I would not have any hesitation recommending Janet for any cat grooming needs!” -Barbara R.

​”I wouldn’t bring my kitty anywhere else!  Zsa Zsa is normally EXTREMELY terrified to be out of her usual territory and isn’t a big fan of strangers either.  But Janet treats her kindly and even manages to get Zsa Zsa to relax somehow, which is impressive in itself!  Zsa Zsa always smells fresh for weeks and her fur is SO extra soft…the facial sculpting does wonders too. Thanks Cat’s Pajamas! Zsa Zsa and I will continue to make the trek from Orleans even now that you’ve moved to the opposite end of the city. Worth it :)” – A.J.

“They do a great job on our shaded silver Persian kitty named Gizmo – he’s on a regular grooming schedule and we travel all the way from Stittsville so that he can get the best treatment and grooming experience. ” – M.L.

“Lucky was softer and more handsome than ever after his session at the Cats Pajamas. Janet was wonderful with him. She has a very special touch with cats.” – Karen C.

“We came with our long-haired Siberian cat, Bella, so she could get a nice bath and brushing. The end result was excellent and they tell us she was very well-behaved. The service was great and the price was very reasonable – Bella gives Cat’s Pajamas two paws up. We’ll be back!”-John R.

“They’ve transformed 13 year old Jacqueline, a beloved, registered, Maine Coon companion of a friend who died and left her cat in my care. Jacqueline was a mess, with dirty, matted long, sticky fur. After some time I began a search for a groomer who would do something other than a dry bath, (we tried that) or shave her to help get the grooming under control. I talked to several groomers. Janet listened, made three possible suggestions, and Jacqueline met Cat’s PJs. We have a little road trip on a regular basis and Jacqueline seems to enjoy the experience. She comes home looking gorgeous and smelling divine. Thank you Janet, your studio is deeply appreciated.” -Margaret S.

“Teddy seems very happy these days. Must be the grooming! ” – Bruce M.

“Cat’s Pajamas is great!!!! I took my cat Roonie here when she was located in Russell, and I plan on traveling to her new digs in Barrhaven because I trust her and her shop. He is always clean, smells great, and happy after his kitten spa day!” -B.P.

“My regal boy can’t get enough pets and snuggles after his spa day. Nemo is feeling like a new cat! Thanks Cat PJs!” – Shan B

“My foster cat Queenie is feeling fresh as a daisy and not smelling at all like the dairy farm she came from after her spa day with Janet at the Cat’s Pajamas! She is a rescue cat so happy to be indoors but was still quite smelly and dirty. Knowing that clean kitties are more likely to be adopted, Janet generously donates a certain amount of time for Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. Cat’s Pajamas managed to remove the dirt on her nose and paws I never thought I’d be able to get out. She looks like a brand new kitty and she knows it. They were so fantastic with her the whole time and were very meticulous. I can’t thank them enough for making this sweet girl look more like the Queen she is! (the left photo is before, so much dirt on and in her little nose, now clean as a whistle!) 5 stars. – Kat S

“I work at Bekkers Pet Care… This past summer, we brought you B and M, two cats brought to us in horrible, pelted condition. When I saw then after their grooming, I was in absolute awe at how gorgeous they looked, and how much fluff you managed to save. I will never recommend anyone but you! – Madison G.