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From our certified feline master groomers

Your cat is unique, individual, worthy of pampering and personalised attention. Cat’s Pajamas’ certified feline master groomers (NCGI) provide a first-class private spa experience designed specifically and exclusively for only cats.

We know that clean cats are happy, healthy cats. Experience kitty spa bliss today! Veterinarian recommended.

Shedding? Mats? Smelly? Dandruff? Hairballs? Kitty makeovers start at just $72.99!

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Super easy online booking. Book your full service appointment your way, on the day and time that works for you. Youll receive automated appointment confirmations, reminders, and receipts. No time-wasting email requests or phone tag.

We offer car-side check-in and out if assistance is needed.

Questions? Prefer to call for an appointment? 613-898-9228

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From our certified feline master groomers

More styling options are available on demand

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