Never, ever take scissors to your cat. I can’t tell you how often we see open scissor cuts on cats from well-meaning owners trying to cut mats out.

Don’t be satisfied with a comb-out only. You might get some of the mats, but you will be just spreading around the source of the matting: the greasy oily hair. Your cat will mat again, but even faster. A proper bath cuts the grease and makes a HUGE difference.

Don’t just wash your cat without a professional blow-dry. Any loose hair still left in the coat will become hairballs or matting later if left to air dry. It’s the same method we use to create felt.

Don’t use products or equipments not specifically designed or made for felines. It can result in toxic reactions, even death.

Don’t assume short-hair cats don’t need baths. They actually shed more and mat too when they are dirty.

Don’t wait. If your cat is greasy, smelly, dandruffy, has hairballs, sheds, or a dirty bottom GET PROFESSIONAL HELP. It is the humane and sanitary thing to do.


Do keep an open mind and educate yourself and others on the humane treatment of cats. Cats actually like water. Cats enjoy baths if properly introduced and with the right equipment and procedure.

Do think like a cat. Consider their perspective and their nature when grooming.

Do prepare ahead before attempting any grooming or bathing. Anything you need should be within arms reach.

Do trim nails first. There are a least 18 of them that they will not hesitate to use should they disagree with you.

Do have your feline friend professionally groomed regularly. They will be healthier, shed less, be happier, and you’ll love the results.

Do consider different grooming styles for your needs. Got allergies? Asthma? Heavy shedding? There is help available. Talk to a feline professional for options and solutions.