Bath and Comb

Fresh Kitty - One Hour

Reduce shedding, allergies, hairballs, dandruff, mats, and litter box debris by having your cat regularly bathed and combed. Includes purifying organic bath with blissful warm towel wrap, face sculpting, nail trim, ear and eye cleansing, professional blow-dry, 10 minute comb out, and finished with optional yummy "Catatonic" feline exclusive spritz. No hair trimming, but optional mini-sani trim included, just ask!

Ultra Long Hair
Long Hair
Short Hair

Hair Trimming*

Cat's Pajamas Trim - One Hour

A client favourite! Our comb trim is a great plushy choice for heavy coated, excessive shedding, elderly, or hairball prone kitties. Trimmed lengths (not shaven) from 5 mm to 25 mm (1/4" - 1"). Not for inexperienced cats. Suitable for cats that are in good comb-able condition and tolerant of lots of handling.

Pajamas Trim

Upgrades with Full Service

Repairs with Full Service

Cat's Pajamas does not offer shave-downs nor will shave a completely matted cat on arrival. Spot shaving is possible if necessary. Completely or predominately matted cats should be shaven under veterinary supervision as they are under distress and pose a high risk for injury. We would be happy to help you after a veterinary shave-down to get your cat on a maintenance program to prevent the situation from happening again.

The Fabulous Feline Fellowship

Gift Certificates

* We do not groom aggressive or sedated cats
* We do not shave down cats
* Over 14 lbs, add $5. Over 21 lbs, add $10
* Feline grooming does NOT include toe tuff trimming
* We do not provide skunk or flea baths
* Trimming cat hair has a different result in appearance from dog hair trimming and varies by individual.
* We groom express one-on-one. We do not use unnecessary force, nor will we put cats or employees at any risk.
* We do not groom feral cats, intact males, pregnant or nursing queens, skunked cats, or cats with open wounds.


​** Note: If your cat is not current on it’s vaccinations, you will be required to sign a vaccine waiver to acknowledge you are putting your cat at risk in a high feline traffic environment. Rabies vaccines are required by Ontario law. Other vaccines are STRONGLY recommended, including indoor cats, due to the fact that many feline diseases are airborne and easily transmitted. Would you bring a child to kindergarten without vaccinations? Cats who have current vaccinations need not worry, as they are protected.