We Believe…

  • that all cats are individual beings and not possessions or property.
  • that as cat guardians, we have a moral responsibility to care for them in a manner that ensures their long-term health and well-being in mind, body, and spirit.
  • in positive grooming experiences and environment. We do not provide services that evoke fear or pain, nor diminish the dignity, instinctive behaviour, or natural needs of cats.

We aren’t the cat groomers for everyone….

We have a loyal, engaged clients who we love 😻!!  It makes us so happy to get terrific and supportive reviews! However, every so often we get a bad review 😿. Not because we provided poor service, but because they were refused service. We don’t necessarily do what a potential client had stuck in their mind MUST be done without any regard to the nature and experience of their cat. Please reread our core values, then those bad reviews, and you’ll see what I mean!

Education is the core of our business because there is a lot of feline misinformation out there. So we no, we don’t shave, cut whiskers, pin down or scruff, dye, Dino-trim, or do things that are damaging or silly to our feline friends. We don’t force a newbie into something it hasn’t worked its way up to for the sake of a dollar or ignorance.

We also have a ZERO tolerance for rude, intimidating, or discrimination of any kind from either side of the reception counter. Poor behaviour will get you excused from ever visiting us again.

Community Engagement

Cats in foster care have a much higher and faster rate of successful adoption if they are clean and happy. Since 2013, Cat’s Pajamas has had a partnership with the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue contributing monthly free grooming to fostered cats. We help cats find their forever home!


We recycle our dirty cat hair bi-annually by contributing our waste by-product to a global biopharmaceutical company specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies through allergen immunotherapy products and services.

Cat allergies are the most common type of pet allergies. Contrary to common belief, what triggers allergies isn’t the actual fur. It is the protein deposited on the cat’s fur which is produced by the skin of felines and is also present in their saliva, urine, tears and dander. This highlights the importance of having your cat regularly bathed and combed to reduce allergic reactions.